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RSO Room Reservation

(Not so) fun fact: the RSO has a significant negative balance because we didn’t know how to reserve a free room for 12 hours on campus. We still don’t.

Also we are looking for someone that can join the Board and fix the current financial situation :pray:

- Important: 

Carefully review the room capacity and other restrictions.
Overview Campus Location Request Room Listing Availability Free Time Charges Restrictions
HCDE Sieg Hall Reserve HCDE room at least 2 days in advance Rooms HCDE Rooms shortest possible, up to 4 hours N/A Contact hcdehelp@uw.edu or visit main office (Sieg 428) during office hours to make urgent reservations. Rooms shared with ECE require CoE/HCDE/ECE status.
(Note: Although Sieg 332 and Sieg 323B are open for all students to reserve, the HCDE department haven’t received any request from non-HCDE students since school reopened so they are not quite prepared. If you are planning to reserve a room in Sieg hall on weekedns, please pay a visit to Sieg 428 to make sure that you have access to the building with your husky card. 10/15/2021)
Allen Auditorium Allen Library Request early, popular Ground floor, north wing, room G81L Calendar Occasional /one-time use N/A Resond in 24 hours (business day), must go to arranged preview
ENGR Engineering buildings See overview See overview N/A N/A N/A We reserved Loew 019 through calendar invite before.
HUB Husky Union Building, Student Organization Resource Center Use EMS at least 3 business days in advance Rooms but not all are free EMS 2 hours or less per week Pricing for other rooms or over limit Must be small/medium sized room, or the broadcasting/2 meeting rooms in SORC. See full policy.
HSB Health Science Center, South Campus Center, and Foege South Wizard, must submit at least 21 days in advance Rooms 25Live 2 hours or less (each?) Pricing for if over limit, or when with short-notice Must pay for special event spaces and/or for events open to the public. Be aware of UUF (e.g. when has sponsor)!
Event Services Upper campus Request at least 30 days in advance Spaces 25Live 0 min Very expensive pricing Contact Event Coordinators at 206-616-1287 for actual availablilty. Probably shouldn’t use unless truly necessary.
HFS TODO       0 min    
ECC Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center Reserve Rooms EMS 0 min Pricing Affiliated RSOs have lower rates. Can also reserve the theatre, possible to walk-in for other rooms.
Learning Studio Odegaard Library Request in advance Room 102 Calendar Students may use computer for studying when no event $30/hour No food. Must happen on when library is open during academic break. Intended for Library/Learning Technologies workshops.


These rooms are for quiet, smaller group gatherings. Individuals can reserve up to 3 hours each day for the upcoming 2 weeks when libraries are open. Please arrive on time as the room will be released if no show in the first 15 minutes.

Library Reservation Rooms Capacity Hours Policy & Equipments
Engineering First come first serve, but can reserve 7 8 9 AM - 5 PM Policy, rooms, & equipment
Foster Business Must reserve 11 5-14, mainly 7 9 AM - 5 PM Policy, rooms, & equipment
Built Environment First come first serve, but can reserve 1 4 1 PM - 5 PM N/A
Health Sciences QUIET study, must reserve 10 1-4, mainly 2 8 AM - 5 PM Policy
Suzzallo & Allen Should reserve but may walk-in 5 4- 10, mainly 10 ? Policy & equipment
Odegaard Should reserve but may walk-in 26 4, 6, 8 ? More details