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The list of current Board Members is case-insensitively sorted alphabetically by GitHub handle.


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We are looking for additional Board Members that can help us with:

Please fill out this Google Form (UW sign-in required) if you are interested. Have any questions or concerns? Email appdev@uw.edu or talk to a @Board Member on Discord.

Responsibilities and Expectations

To provide equal access of information to all, the App Development Club shall refrain from actions and methods of broadcasts that unnecessarily exclude certain demographics or individuals from accessing information released and announced by the RSO (examples against this clause include but are not limited to making announcements solely to major and department-specific communication mailing-lists and other communication groups OR to explicitly state or conduct outreach in a fashion that suggests that the RSO is “exclusive to people in computing”).

To ensure that all are welcomed at the App Development Club, the RSO shall maintain an open, free, and neutral stance on the freedom of expression. RSO meetings and gatherings are expected to follow the rough topics of discussion as outlined by the agenda and the material presented. However, no forceful attempts shall be made to restrict the will to express of any individual or entity present.

Task Manager/Activity Monitor Rotation Schedule

Date Task Manager Activity Monitor
2021/08/07 - 2022/01/14 @ApolloZhu @ApolloZhu

Make sure these rotations are also recorded in 2021-2022 Calendar Google Doc.


Quarter Task Manager/Activity Monitor Pair
22WI @personalizedrefrigerator, @Lucas-ZX-W
22SP @SilliJelli, ???

Previous Board Members

Previous Board Members by Academic Year

2020 - 2021

@ApolloZhu, @fishycs, @Lucas-ZX-W, @personalizedrefrigerator, @SilliJelli, @XinyiXiang, @zhinuoli

2019 - 2020

@ApolloZhu, @KevinKTong, @Lucas-ZX-W, @personalizedrefrigerator, @XinyiXiang

Doomsday Plan

If one day the RSO no longer exists at the University of Washington, interested students may look at this Wiki, see what went wrong, and revive it. You should get access to appdev@uw.edu through Student Activities Office, then check Google Drive for additional records and accounts we had.

However, let’s work together to make sure the RSO can thrive to serve its purpose for many years to come.